Holistic Massage and Bodywork Therapy with Jane Smith


It is increasingly recognised that Holistic Massage and Bodywork can provide a vital contribution to your health and wellbeing.

I use a wide range of techniques in my massage that may include Swedish massage, deeper tissue massage, holistic pulsing, Thai yoga stretches. Subtle energy work with energy holds, breath work and visualisations. This enables me to tailor a session for your individual needs, as I don’t work in a routine way, but prefer to meet the individual needs of each person.  Also, your needs may change from session to session, season to season.  Throughout time, life’s changes and developments, and sometimes illnesses and disabilities change what people need from massage.

The intention of the session informs the touch, tone, speed and depth. Taking into account the whole of you and the interaction of your mind and body to relax, uplift or invigorate.

Massage and Bodywork can help to…

  • Relieve stress that life has placed on your body.
  • Release muscles and mobilise joints strained from work, life, sport or gardening.
  • Prepare for or recover from sports or sporting events.
  • Explore the effects on your body of your personal history.
  • Let go of patterns of movement that no longer serve you.
  • Address emotional needs.
  • Help you discover that feeling of spaciousness in your body.

How does it work?

Holistic Massage provides you with a great opportunity to pay attention to yourself. As part of your first visit, I take a confidential consultation which allows me to build up a picture of you and your needs so that I can create the best possible session.

It is important to tell me about any constant or recurring conditions, injuries or serious ailments that you may have or any medications you are taking.

It may also help to think about what you want to gain from your session, this can be things such as reducing muscle tension, slowing a busy mind, feeling cared for or stimulating your energy. These are only a few examples of what massage therapy can help you achieve don’t be afraid of expressing what you want and need. However, you may not know what you need and we can work this out together.

Jane Smith

About me…

I’d like let you know how I practice Holistic Massage Therapy and how we could work together with your aims in mind and at the forefront of any massage session.

Often people ask me if I enjoy my job. And the answer is I enjoy my job immensely, in fact I don’t think of it as a job, but as a vocation that gives me a deep sense of purpose, reflects my values as an individual and my personality. What I do is just great on every level, but I haven’t got here on my own and I am always grateful to the individuals who have helped me on my journey past and present.

Massage therapy enhances my life incredibly and my hope is that it physically and mindfully enhances the lives of the individuals that I work with.

I trained at the prestigious Academy of Natural Health in London’s Covent Garden with Anja Saunders and Katya Langmuur, only two of the many influential teachers I have met on my journey. I continue to develop my skills with current CPD courses, always looking to deepen my knowledge and skills.

I practice within Norton Physiotherapy Centre and I am more than happy to discuss your needs with you. You can contact me on 07949 277 508.

Workplace Massage

This can be a short 20 minute session designed for the workplace.  I can bring my massage table and / or ergonomic chair.

Workplace massage is carried out over clothing. Working on parts of the body where tension can build, such as the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands. These sessions can demonstrate to employees where they carry their tensions and ideas for reducing this tension through aftercare exercise that can be carried out their desk during the workday or information given on pathways so they can develop their own health and wellbeing regime.

For the organisation, this is a cost effective way of meeting corporate healthcare objectives or enhancing employee’s benefits.

The benefits to staff can be a reduction in their muscle tensions, a different way to think about their bodies.  On-site massage always proves to be a good morale booster that goes down well with staff.  I always provide feedback forms after treatment so you can assess the benefits from your staff.

I can arrange to do half and full days in your work place. Please feel free to discuss your workplace needs with me.


  • 1 Hour

  • £45

  • 90 minutes

  • £75

  • Mother to be

  • £45 (1 hour)

  • Mobile (incl. travel)

  • £75 (per visit)

Housebound people or people receiving Personal Health Budgets (PCP), please call for individualised plans.

Gift vouchers are available at the reception desk at Norton Physiotherapy Centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

What hours do you work?

My diary remains flexible but does have a pattern. I work on a Monday afternoon, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. My latest appointment is usually 5pm and I do offer a 6pm appointment twice a week. Currently I don’t work on a Wednesday.

How will I know what kind of massage I need?

After taking a confidential Health & Wellbeing assessment I tailor a massage session to your needs with you. It’s good to think about what has prompted you to book an appointment. Do you have physical pain or discomfort?  Do you feel stressed or tired, are you sleeping poorly or feeling a lack of energy? Do you want some time to yourself, without having to answer a telephone? Or is it that you really like having a massage for relaxation time?

It is important that the massage session is about you and what we can achieve for you within a massage session or a block of sessions. My goal is always for you to leave with a sense of achieving what you need.

I don’t do routine, one size fits all massage, it needs to be tailored for you and we’ll work that out from out initial discussions to achieve the best we can.

Regular sessions or is one massage enough?

Sometimes one massage is enough; it maybe before or after a strenuous event, sports, decorating, gardening, moving or a long haul flight.

When I work with clients on a regular basis, people get to know their own needs better and how massage can serve them. This is because massage allows you to feel your body, its aches, its needs and emotions in a different way from which you are used to thinking about yourself. Clients say that they are able to deeply relax when they become accustomed to massage, touch, relaxed breathing and letting go and the benefits of this are longer lasting.

How can I get the best from my massage?

You have decided to invest your time and resources into taking care of yourself. Have a think about what time of day would be best for you maybe so you don’t have to rush off to work afterwards, maybe at the end of a shift pattern, or you may have the day off so you can take full advantage of the aftereffects of your session.

Coming for a massage is a decision to invest some time and attention in yourself and if you can you could follow this on into the rest of your day. These are some ideas, but equally you might feel energetic and enlivened.

  • Drinking some water.
  • Having a nutritious meal.
  • Meeting with people whose company you enjoy.
  • Having a nice walk.
  • Having a rest.