Hands on treatment

By “hands on” treatment – we mean that much of the treatment that you will receive will involve mobilising and manipulating the joint/soft tissue/skeletal structures and nerves in a way that is designed to provide relief from pain and a return to full function. In addition, you”ll be shown exercises that will help maintain any improvements we achieve together in the clinic and this will go towards continuing your recovery and preventing recurrence or re-injury. As a patient you need to know that who you are seeing has the appropriate skills, training and experience to assess and deliver the most appropriate treatment that you require. You want thorough quality treatment, delivered with integrity, quality, and compassion. Our thoughtful and professional patient centred approach by clinicians who have many years of experience and extensive post graduate qualifications offers real solutions to help manage and recover from a wide range of problems.

Inside of our clinic

What will happen when I come in?

Your aim is for us to get to the root or your problem and not just treat the symptoms. You will receive a thorough assessment including taking a history of the problem you’re presenting with and any other related conditions or information, which will help us build a picture of how we can best help you. This will be followed by a physical examination and we would normally suggest that you wear loose comfortable clothing that will enable easy access for the area being examined. You will receive treatment in the first session, information about the condition, how and why it has occurred. You will get advice on how you can help manage the problem yourself and suggestions of treatment at home. We want to give you the knowledge and support to properly treat your problem and you should benefit from clear understanding and plan of how you can overcome the symptoms, prevent re-injury and get back to what you enjoy doing best

Who do we treat?

We see children, adults and elderly patients and cover all musculoskeletal conditions. We can treat a wide range of patients and you don’t require a GP referral to come and see us. Our clinicians also have experience in treatment of both amateur and elite professional athletes. This has included Olympics and Commonwealth games and involvement with players at Championship Premier League football teams. What we deliver in clinic we teach to other physiotherapists who travel all over country to attend MSc Advanced clinic practice at Teesside University. We provide theory and clinical support for physiotherapists aiming to become the very best they can in this profession. This enables us to provide you with a bespoke, detailed and thorough rehabilitation programme involving sports specific regimes that will facilitate a return to you chosen sport. This approach is not exclusive to sports people and we welcome anyone with routine aches and pain. That may be the first episode of back or neck pain, it could be patients recovering from surgery, or others who are suffering from more chronic conditions that need occasional physiotherapy management. We also look after corporate clients including local authorities, large local companies offering physiotherapy to their staff, emergency services, sports teams, medico legal agencies, solicitors and GP referrals.

How much treatment will I require?

This can vary depending on the condition that you present with but most conditions respond within 4-6 treatment sessions. If you don’t respond as expected then we can guide you on the most appropriate course of action whether that is further investigation, referral to your GP or onward referral to an orthopaedic consultant.

Take the next steps

Our clinicians are first and foremost great people with the best intentions of wanting to help you. From reception to clinical colleagues we put patients first, put you first and we will do all we can to help you get back to living the life that you want. You will be dealing with clinicians who enjoy what they do, aim to do what it takes with every patient and expect only the very best from themselves. You”ll be making a wise decision in choosing to come and see us. Investing in yourself to use our help, skills and expertise will enable you to gain the fastest route to overcome your problem and gain a lasting recovery.

Do I need a GP referral?

No you can simply call and make an appointment at a convenient time for yourself.

Do you do home visits?

We find that the best treatment can be delivered from the clinic as the plinths are height adjustable and it is more practical that trying to help someone in their own home. If you are in too much pain to actually get to the clinic then it may be a little too soon to start physiotherapy treatment and you may be advised to get suitable analgesia to get any acute pain under control.

Will I need to undress?

We normally recommed that you wear loose comfortable clothing that will allow easy access to the area being examined. The practitioners will always respect your privacy and use towels where required to maintain your comfort.